A Holistic Approach to Edible Garden Installation and Maintenance

Like everything we design and build at Wellness Landscapes, we look at the big picture. After conducting preliminary soil testing and analysis, we observe the elements that make your property a unique ecosystem and come up with¬†the best edible garden designs possible for your home. Things like the amount of sunlight your garden will receive at different times of the year, and where your garden is located in relation to your property’s unique topography can make a big difference in the health of your garden.

After we install your new edible garden, there are two different ways we can go. We can show you the best ways to keep up your garden’s maintenance so you can go about it on your own, or we can set up regular pruning and upkeep appointments so you can keep up your busy schedule and just enjoy the fruits of our labor in your garden.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Truly fresh produce is a beautiful thing. The nature of the American food system is that the produce you find in grocery stores has likely been grown hundreds of miles from your kitchen, and been subjected to numerous processing methods on the way there. All of this takes its toll on the nutrients and flavor or your produce. When you grow your own produce, it’s tastier and more nutrient dense than the stuff you get from the store. Plus, growing your own food is fun! It gets you out in the sunshine and fresh air, and the maintenance required to maintain a garden offers many low-impact activities that require strength and stretching.

If an edible garden with fresh herbs and delicious home-grown fruits and vegetables sounds as good to you as it does to us, don’t hesitate to contact us¬†either online or at (760) 642 2413.