Drought-Tolerant Gardens

At Wellness Landscapes, we take our responsibility as stewards to the environment seriously, and that’s why all of our landscape designs use exclusively native, drought-resistant plants from local nurseries. Having evolved inside the local growing conditions, these beautiful plants are naturally resistant to whatever the climate in Southern California throws at them. Through years of working with native plant species, we have learned to develop water-wise plant palettes that share resources, so no one section of your garden is putting a strain on another.

Drought tolerant landscape in San Diego

Healthy Soil is Drought Tolerant Soil

Using native plants isn’t the only technique we use to strengthen your garden’s resistance to drought. Proper planting techniques and long term soil management practices can go a long way towards building healthy, living soils that are better equipped to deal with dry spells. Instead of treating the plants in your garden, we feed the soil, because healthy soil is the foundation of any healthy garden. To learn more about why this is important, visit our page on regenerative landscaping in San Diego.


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