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Welcome to Wellness Landscape

    Hi and welcome to the wellness landscape blog. First I want to introduce our company. We are a design, build and maintenance landscape company located in Encinitas serving San Diego county. We take a regenerative approach to all our projects and sites, seeking to improve the land year after year. Our install and

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Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Hello world! At Wellness Landscapes, we take our responsibility as stewards to the environment seriously, and that’s why all of our landscape designs use exclusively native, drought-resistant plants from local nurseries. Having evolved inside the local growing conditions, these beautiful plants are naturally resistant to whatever the climate in Southern California throws at them. Through years

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A Holistic Approach to Edible Garden Installation and Maintenance

Like everything we design and build at Wellness Landscapes, we look at the big picture. Edible Garden Installation is no different.  After conducting preliminary soil testing and analysis, we observe the elements that make your property a unique ecosystem and come up with the best edible garden designs possible for your home. Things like the amount

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