About Wellness Landscape

Our Vision: To create enriched environments that promote a greater sense of wellness for people, plants, animals and the planet.


Wellness Landscape began in 2014 by Jason Franco to offer custom residential design + build + maintain landscape and garden services.

We are in the business of creating spaces that are infused with an artisan quality craftsmanship to enhance our landscapes for a greater sense of well-being. We apply a regenerative approach in all that we do, with the goal to improve the land with each passing year the quality of our soils, waters and environment

About the Owner

Jason Franco has over 15 years experience growing food and maintaining organic gardens in San Diego. He has a passion for farming and landscaping using deep organic methods working with nature to create healthy soils and plants. 

About Wellness Landscape



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Located in Encinitas, CA 

Servicing San Diego County